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Solar for Agriculture

Agriculture & Dairy Solar Power Systems

As a grower and dairyman you have specific energy needs. Many businesses have started using solar power for agriculture industry applications. At Pav-Solar we will custom design a system to meet your precise requirements. Let our local team of solar engineers design the best solar system for your operation. We will review your power needs and provide a custom and personalized solution created specifically for you. Our consulting engineers, technical designers and installers can take care of every part of your agricultural solar project including design, engineering, financing, installation and solar system maintenance and support.

As your needs change, your power requirements change as well. At Pav-Solar we calculate your usage in the same format that your utility company reads it. We then break it down by the day and hour to calculate your power usage demands, and the different agriculture and usage rates.

This accurate metering gives you the data you need to save the most on utilities and your overall ROI. If not done properly -- considering every detail including location of your solar installation, your solar system could be over or undersized which could result in thousands of wasted dollars. At Pav-Solar, by tailoring your solar installation to your land and agricultural specifications and future growth, the end result is the best solar utilization and overall increased ROI.

We also provide our custom designed solar carports for shop use to protect your equipment and investment, no matter the height. In fact, we have customers utilizing modified solar carports as hay barn solar systems.

solar network monitoring

Solar Net Metering

If you have priced solar power recently, we encourage you to look again. With Net Metering Aggregation you can dramatically decrease your solar needs. Pav-Solar is dedicated to bring our customers clear and accurate information about the Net Metering Aggregation process, and how they can best benefit from these resources. With net metering, landowners can devote the part of their land that is most suitable to solar power generation and credit the energy production from solar to their most expensive meters, as long as the land is contingent. Using this technology, agricultural businesses can connect multiple meters to a single, centralized solar panel system, even if meters are on adjacent properties, helping to drive costs down significantly.

Not only does this offer more freedom for solar installation and location, it also provides flexible shifting of offsets as usage changes, resulting in the maximum solar ROI. We have found that net metering is where our customers can gain the most in cost savings and revenue. In addition, solar can be installed on existing overhead structures at the current yard to protect equipment or materials.

Solar for Agriculture Case Study

Solar - A Case Study

Pictured is an agricultural well with 75 HP water pump. This solar photovoltaic (PV) cell system was tailored designed by our consultants at Pav-Solar to create a net economic gain of $750,000 - $1.5 million over the lifetime of the solar power system.

Based on crop growth, the long and robust lifetime of solar systems is a minimum of 25 years. Pav-Solar also has our own operation and maintenance package where we clean and maintain your system to ensure you maximize your investment, and increase your ROI.

Agricultural Solar Project – Time Lapse

This is an elevated structure. 78 ft x 120 ft 22 ft high at 10 degree slope.
Off sets 122 KW 25p HP irrigation pump, shop, and two live in homes on the ranch.
Entire project turnkey. EPC Contracted by Pav-Solar

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