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Solar for Residential

Residential Solar Power Systems

With enhanced solar technology today, it is possible to power your home entirely from the sun. Gone are the days of huge and ugly solar panels -- today’s solar technology can easily blend into the style of your home’s current construction. Also, with the Solar Monitoring system you will have the solar data you need to observe and understand the benefits of your investment.

In most cases, solar power systems for the home can even cost less than traditional power and help you gain independence from utilities in just a few years. Also, if you produce more power than you require, your utilities may actually pay you at a wholesale rate.

We have licensed electricians that will ensure that your solar system is installed safely and correctly, and that it is both attractive and easy to operate.

With Pav- Solar your roof maintains its curb appeal, no conduit will show, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Our quality solar products and installations are easy to operate, have extensive warranties, and supported with our company guarantee.

A wide variety of installation selections are available including the InvisiMount™ roof mount system (featuring only half of the penetrations to your roof than our competition), ground mounts, and carport solar systems. Our consulting engineers, technical designers and installers can take care of every part of your home solar project including design, engineering, financing, installation and solar system maintenance and support. At Pav-Solar we have the knowledgeable local staff to answer all of your solar questions. We fix what others install all the time!

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